STEMTech 2015: Using Student Data to Generate Microlearning Resources

How do you generate elearning resources when your target audience doesn’t have an interest in the topic, and they don’t know what they don’t know? As an author for one of the largest textbook series at McGraw-Hill Education, and as a science educator, I have been investigating how to get inside the minds of my students for some time.

I will be giving a presentation at STEMTech 2015 this week on how to use data from adaptive learning platforms to identify student knowledge deficiencies and then use this information to revise content. This will be a similar talk to the one that I gave a few weeks ago at DevLearn, but this time I will also be talking about how we used that information to build a series of microlearning resources for our science education site –

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The session will be on Tuesday, November 3rd at 915 in the Bougainvillea room (1st Floor). If you are an educator who is looking to use data to generate elearning resources at your institution, or are a data scientist with an interest in applying the principles of learning science to higher ed, then this will be a session to attend!

I will post more information on this presentation, including an audio version of the session, to my site following the event.

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