DevLearn2015: Getting Inside the Minds of Students

Students don’t know what they don’t know. This one simple fact has been one of the biggest obstacles in the reform of any learning ecosystem. If we are going to truly change the education ecosystem, we have to be able to not only get inside the minds of our students, but also generate the data that allows us to make informed decisions on the types of learning resources and content that we need to build.

This fall I submitted a proposal for the DevLearn HyperDrive competition entitled “Getting Inside the Minds of Students” in which I explored how I am using data from the LearnSmart adaptive learning program to gain an insight into how the students are interacting with the content in the books I author. In addition, I explained how this is analysis is allowing me to generate microlearning resources that address specific knowledge deficiencies and its potential to ultimately allow for the construction of continuously updated content.

There were some truly great presenters at the event, and some great examples of innovative approaches to solve e-learning and  corporate training problems. I was very pleased when our presentation was selected from the field as one of the finalists at the event.


Here is a re-recorded version of that presentation:

Getting Inside the Minds of Students: DevLearn 2015 HyperDrive Finalist from Learning Interactives on Vimeo.


And here is the audio only of this presentation on my SoundCloud channel – The Windelspectrum:

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