Appstate Technology for Teaching Fair


We are proud to be both sponsoring and presenting at the Appstate Technology 4 Teaching Fair in February on the campus of Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  As previous faculty at Appstate, it was an honor to be invited back to present some of the work we are doing at Learning Interactives.

Our marketing partners, Paasch & Reed will be on site to help us at the booth to discuss how we can help your next grant or e-learning proposal!


Here are the abstracts of our talks:

How Data is Transforming the Learning Ecosystem

Michael Windelspecht, Ph.D

CLO: Learning Interactives and Ricochet Creative Productions

Students don’t know what they don’t know. This  fact applies to learners in any environment. This means that educators and developers are constantly developing resources that focus on what they anticipate the learner needs. However, advances in learning technologies are now providing the data that allows educators to understand specific knowledge deficiencies. This data is fundamentally changing the entire learning ecosystem.

Attendees at this session will will experience how data from a single learning experience may be utilized across the entire learning environment –  from the individual, to the structure of a classroom, to authoring of content. Not only will attendees be able to see how data benefits the personalization of the remediation process, but how it can also assist in the design and revision of content and the development of specific microlearning resources

Designing Online Learning for Millenials and Generation Z

Sandra Windelspecht

Lead Instructional Designer: Learning Interactives and Ricochet Creative Productions

Like many eLearning designers out there, you’re probably still coming to grips with understanding and working with Millennials — the “social media generation” born between 1984 and 2004. But now there’s a whole new generation to understand: Generation Z. Who are they? What makes them different? And how should we design learning for them? Find out in this session from Learning Interactives.

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